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From fun-rides to horse riding...



horse trailing through the lush jungles in Johore Bahru leading to coast
Jungle Trail

Our jungle trail takes you into the adjacent oil palm plantation, a wide jungle where you can really relax and feel at ease with nature. Our horses will take you through the jungle, guided by our trainers who will give you background information about the geography. You will walk through unspoiled beauty and serenity till you reach the coast of Pasir Gudang. From the beach, you can view the straits that separates Johor and Singapore and look across to the coast of Singapore. You can also get a vantage view of Pulau Ubin from here. You can choose to linger a moment here to take in the view or continue on your journey through nature on the back of a horse! It is truly a unique experience to behold! Perfect for the one who wants a moment's respite from the hustle and bustle of city life!

basic riding skills through the jungles and sea
Horse Riding Lessons


All our lessons are conducted by the owner of the stable, Mr Mousouloo, who will follow you through to the completion of the course. Hence, you do not have to worry about the constant change of trainers who will not know your strengths and weakness. Mr Mousouloo will customize the training programs according to your attitude and aptitude. We emphasize not only on horse riding skills, but also on the handling and caring of horses. We aim to train you to be able to take care of your own horse, should you have the opportunity to own one in the future. Thus, we teach all our students horse handling techniques such as grooming, washing and feeding as well as to be able to recognize horse equipments such as the bridle, rein and stirrups.


At the end of the course, we hope that you will be able to master horse riding techniques such as walking, trotting and cantering, as well as be familiar with the care of a horse. If the course is completed satisfactorily as assessed by our instructor, you will be awarded a certificate of achievement. You are free to arrange the schedule of your lessons according to your own availability, although we recommend that you make an appointment with the instructor by calling at least 1 day in advance. However, you must complete all 8 lessons within 3 months so as to ensure effective learning.

Horse riding overnight stay package at Tanjong Puteri
Horse riding & relaxing stay 


For full relaxing retreat and fun-filled horse riding lessons

2D/1N Package includes:

- 1 luxury night accomodation in Tanjong Puteri

- 1 Buffet breakfast per person

- 1 local lunch per person (cap at RM30 per person)

- 1 Native Seafood dinner

- 3 Hour Horse Riding (1.5h lesson & 1.5hr jungle trail)


*One Night Luxury Accomodation

For 2 person, accommodation will be in the Superior room.

For 3-4 persons, accommodation will be in the Dulex room within the resort hotels.

For more than 4 persons, accommodation will in the Villa, with a choice of BBQ or Seafood for dinner.

We also organize customized overnight packages for you to enjoy horse riding at your leisure. Please EMAIL us for more information.

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